Private Event Locations

Please select the location of choice and date preferences for your private event.

Private events run from 7:00pm to midnight.  Check in is a 6:00 pm for you to load in and set up if needed. Additional time is available for additional cost.  Each location has a maximum occupancy.  Prices vary from location and the day of the week you select.

1910 Gila Jail - Globe AZ

Sunday Through Thursday Nights - $299
Friday & Saturday Nights - $350

Acadia Sanatorium - Oracle AZ

Sunday Through Thursday Nights - $299
Friday & Saturday Nights - $350
Maximum 8 people

1917 YMCA - Miami AZ

Sunday Through Thursday Nights - $275 
Friday & Saturday Nights - $325
Maximum 8 people

Private Event Request Form

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Private Event Request

Private Event General Terms & Conditions

  • A deposit of $100 must be made after locking in your hunt on the calendar.  Deposit is refundable up to one month prior to your event date.  If you cancel your event within 30 days from your event date  your deposit is forfeited. 
  • The balance of your event will be due 1 week prior to your event along with all agreements/waivers. 
  •  Payments are to be submitted by the ORGANIZER ONLY, in (1) one complete payment for balance; multiple forms of payment will not be accepted. We accept PayPal or most major credit cards. 
  • The ORGANIZER must submit waiver agreements with deposit. Acknowledgement of Understanding must be signed by all attendees and form presented with final payment 
  •  Participants must be 16 years or older. Children attending under 18 years parents must sign a parent consent form 
 Make sure to bring your flashlights, cameras, extra batteries, and any investigative equipment that you might have.  Equipment will be available for your guests to use. You are allowed to bring snacks, refreshments, and coolers. Open-toed shoes and heels are not allowed. NO ALCOHOL! Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in our parking areas and/or inside of our facility. Alcohol consumption is not permitted prior to your event. You will be considered a risk to yourself, other participants, and our property. If alcohol consumption is suspected, you will be removed from, or denied entry to, the event and not issued a refund.  .