Our events provide attendees with an unparalleled paranormal experience alongside a team of experienced paranormal investigators.  The goal is to make the events all the more realistic and our event locations are the most haunted in AZ. Plus, many of our locations have been seen on various paranormal TV shows. Our guests enjoy a truly unique experience, all while knowing they are supporting the preservation of paranormal history!

• Check in begins approximately 20 minutes prior to the event start time 
• Welcome and introductions 
• Historical talk or a short tour, if available 
• Break into smaller groups where we investigate WITH you, using various investigative techniques, methods and the latest equipment 
• Between sessions, we will recap what was experienced 
• Once group investigations are finished, you are free to borrow our equipment and investigate on your own 
• Various experiments will be offered 
• Breaks, as needed, between sessions  

• A clean and legitimate investigation - nothing is faked or staged and we will try to debunk everything as much as we can. 
• A balanced approach to investigating from all angles – scientifically, spiritually, psychologically. 
• A respectful investigation … we respect the spirits, the location, and each other. We will not tolerate provocation, drunken or rowdy behavior. 
• While we cannot guarantee a paranormal experience, we can guarantee you an experience of real paranormal investigating! 

• A flashlight 
• A camera and or recorder
• An open mind - Don't assume everything is paranormal 
• Any of your own equipment (and we have plenty for you to use) 
• And… an extra pair of underwear (just in case)!